Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tute Love: Super Simple Nightie

I'm really excited about the Super Simple Nightie I made from the tutorial at Sew, Mama, Sew! Their descriptions are fantastic so I won't bore you with my own. I do have some action and finished product photos, though!

It was SO easy! More photos after the jump!

My bust measurement was 34" so I made my band 35". Since I'm still nursing I made mine only 17" long as well. That made the width of my bottom piece 52".

I used an old sheet, one I also used for the Quilted Car Seat Strap Covers and the Diaper Cover I made. The patterned material was also used on the Car Seat Strap Covers.

The pieces were easy to cut (only rectangles) and the straps were just mini-bias tape. It did require a bit of ironing (yuck!) but it wasn't too bad I suppose.

I sandwiched the pieces as directed, sewed, flipped them and top-stitched.

I pinned the top and measured out where my straps went. I had to trim about three inches off each strap from the length she suggested, The placing of the straps she suggested was spot on though.

I top stitched the top, sewed the seam, zig zag stitched the raw edges and it was good to go! I had to split it up over two days because of family events but I think that if I hadn't it would have only taken two hours or so. Most of it was the ironing for me.

I can't wait to get to wear this adorable nightie! And it cost me nothing!

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